Violence Against Women Increases In Badakhshan: Officials

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 Niamatullah Ahmadi

Officials in the northern province of Badakhshan said Saturday that a sharp increase in violence against women has been recorded in their area this year.

Badakhshan Women’s Affairs Department has said that the non-implementation of violence against women bill has been the main reason behind the surge.

Domestic violence, trying of women in open courts by the armed opponents and other illegal groups, forced marriages, sexual abuse and honor killings are among the main cases of violence against women in the province, officials said.

There is family violence, beating cases, escape from home cases, sexual abuse and other issues related to violent acts which have also been addressed in the violence against women bill.Zoofnun Natiq | Chairperson of Badakhshan Women's Affairs Department

Officials also said the continuation of the culture of impunity, the non-implementation of violence against women bill and the illogical interference of local lawbreakers has contributed to the increase.

“Murder cases occurred in insecure regions of Badakhshan such as Kishm and Wardoj-three cases of violence occurred in Wardoj where Taliban shot them,” a civil society activist in Badakhshan Sayed Omar Baher said.

The recent killing of three women in Wardoj district and another in Kishm district of the province have raised concerns among the residents and local officials.

“There are numerous women who are facing violence in the country, their nose and ears are cut off and they are beaten, cars are driven over them, they are shot with bullets and prosecuted in open courts without legal permits and laws,” Ahmad Naweed Fawa, head of Badakhshan human right’s department said.

Meanwhile, Badakhshan governor Faisal Begzad has confirmed the increase of violence against women in the area.

“Unfortunately there are some negative acts committed against the women in our traditional society and the trend is increasing,” he said.

Although, the Afghan government alongside its international partners has been trying to curb the problem, the issue continues.

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