We work to make Afghan women more independent, to make them aware of their potential and to empower them to actively take part in building a democratic society in Afghanistan.Jamila Zamir | Director AWEP

About AWEP

Despite some positive developments in situation of women in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban, Afghan women still face major challenges. Based on human development and gender development indices Afghan women are amongst the worst off in the world particularly in the areas of education, health, employment, violation of rights and domestic violence.

At AWEP we are determined to change these statistics by empowering Afghan women and girls through our diverse range of programs, including education, healthcare, capacity development, economic empowerment, rights awareness and advocacy. Our work is critical to achieving the MDGs and developing a strong, inclusive, democratic and gender-neutral society in Afghanistan. Forming the cornerstones of all the the work carried out by AWEP are the four guiding principles of community ownership, sustainability, transparency and equity.


Our mission is to to empower Afghan women and improve their living conditions through our education, healthcare, capacity development, economic empowerment, rights awareness and advocacy programs.


Our vision is the establishment of an egalitarian society in Afghanistan where women and men live in peace and equality and where the rights of women and children are protected.

Core Values

  • Gender Equality

    We seek to reduce gender disparities by promoting equal opportunities and facilitating equal access to resources for all citizens, including women, men, girls and boys.
  • Female Empowerment

    We strive to empower women and girls to attain their social, economic and political aspirations, and enable them to shape decisions about their future.
  • Inclusion

    We deem diversity as our strength, strive to be fair to all with whom we work and support programs that engage people across societies and benefit whole communities.
  • Integrity

    We are honest, transparent, accountable for our efforts, and uphold a spirit of openness and sharing with our stakeholders.


The prolonged war in Afghanistan during the past thirty years has caused tremendous destruction in the lives, land and property of Afghan people. The political, social, ducational and economical infrastructure have been severely damaged or totally dismantled. Millions of Afghans were forced to or had no choice but to leave Afghanistan to become refugees in the neighboring countries. Those who remained underwent unparalleled, harsh and difficult situations. The groups who were mostly affected during this period of unrest are women, children and youth.

The refugees in the neighboring countries were subjected to difficult situations where the basic facilities of life such as education and health amenities were missing or inadequate leading to poor living conditions especially for women and children. In order to support these women and children AWEP was established in Peshawar, Pakistan in 1995. AWEP’s main goal then was to help these women and children particularly in the fields of education and healthcare. AWEP established a primary school for orphans, poor and needy children and as a part of this program, AWEP also established a clinic to provide free checkups, medicine and referrals for the school students.

AWEP opened its office in Kabul, Afghanistan in the year 2002 to extend its reach and to provide services and support to women and children inside Afghanistan. AWEP’s service area was now not restricted to only education and healthcare but covered other areas such as capacity development, economic empowerment, rights awareness and advocacy.

Working with and for the women and children of Afghanistan and supporting other organizations with the same cause has cemented AWEP’s position as one of the most important organizations working for women and children in Afghanistan.

AWEP in Sweden

Opened in 2008, AWEP in Sweden has its headquarters in the city of Gothenburg, and is engaged in spreading information and knowledge about the situation of women in Afghanistan. AWEP in Sweden also gathers opinion on how to best help and support the vulnerable women and children in Afghanistan.

Another important part of AWEP’s activities in Sweden is to find and secure financial assistance from organizations in Sweden to support its cause in Afghanistan.