Child Malnutrition Mounts in Afghan Province

Siam Zamir News

Increased fighting and an ongoing economic downturn are leaving many at risk of serious health problems. Rising numbers of children in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar are suffering from malnutrition, according to local health officials, with more than 36,000 in need of assistance. Ahmadullah Faizi, head of public nutrition at Kandahar’s department of public health, told IWPR that their ...

Afghanistan: Women Seek Refuge in Safe Houses

Siam Zamir News

The whole concept of such shelters remains controversial in this deeply conservative country. The beatings began soon after Zahra, now 22, was married off to a 75-year old man in exchange for a large bride price. “My father was blinded by money and he gave me in marriage to this man,” she told IWPR. “Every time my husband was violent ...

Afghanistan: The Female Engineers Rebuilding History

Siam Zamir News

Groundbreaking project showcases women’s achievements in a male-dominated industry. The ruins of Kabul’s once grand Darulaman Palace, devastated by decades of war, have long been an iconic sight in the capital. An ambitious Afghan-led 16 million US dollar reconstruction project agreed in May 2016 aims to both restore the palace built by King Amanullah Khan in the 1920s and turn ...