Afghan Girls Demand Respect

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Conservative traditions in the southern province of Kandahar mean that sons are valued over daughters. Gul Ghutay has two brothers and three sisters. But her father, she said, only cared about his sons and barely acknowledged his daughters. Her mother had lobbied hard to allow Ghutay to remain in school until the 11th grade, the girl continued. Without her efforts, ...

All-Female Orchestra In Afghanistan Fights The Taliban With Music

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Playing instruments was banned during Taliban rule in Afghanistan, and many conservative Muslims still frown on most forms of music today. Like many teenagers, 19-year-old Negin Khpalwak from Kunar in eastern Afghanistan loves music, but few people of her age have battled as fiercely to pursue their passion in the face of family hostility and threats. Playing instruments was banned ...

Afghan Women Fight for a Sporting Chance

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Defying conservative traditions, female enthusiasts continue to pursue their goals. Jamila has been a regular visitor to the women-only Bibi Sabri sports club in Pul-e Khumri city over the past six months. The 45-year-old said that exercise was the only thing that could relieve a back condition so severe she had travelled abroad several times over the last three years ...